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A Templar unfriendly view of Saladin

Alaa Mattar in Cairo kindly reminded me of a movie about the life of Saladin that I was aware of but had forgotten about.  I think it was originally called ‘El Naser Salah el Dine’ and was filmed during the…

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More on the Templars and chess

Well – my posting on the Templars playing chess (scroll down a bit to find it) was popular and one comment from Cairo was so good that I want to share it as a separate post – so over to…

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Caves as sacred spaces – even to the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar are often associated with caves. Underground chambers are believed by some to have been the venue for secret initiation rites. In 2017, I was filmed for a History channel programme Buried in the Templar citadel of Tomar in Portugal…

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Ironclad – teaser trailer

A quick look at Ironclad the movie

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The anti-mafia magistrate and a Templar plot

I reproduce below an article written a few years ago.  In the 1980s, Carlo Palermo was a brave, anti-mafia magistrate in Italy who resigned from the judiciary in the aftermath of a car bomb assassination attempt.   In the 1990s, he…

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Da Vinci Code – new manuscript found

Reuters reports today that a manuscript has been found in Nantes, France in a public library written by Leonardo Da Vinci in secret code from right to left.  There seems to be no doubt that it was written by his hand. A journalist discovered…

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