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unspecified-3I am the Beardy Historian – with face fuzz that would shame any Knight Templar!

Subjects of interest:

  • Medieval history – particularly relating to the Knights Templar
  • Roman history – you name it, I’ll talk about it
  • London history – I have a vast collection of old publications on this great city going back to the 18th century
  • 1970s and 1980s – I’ve had two books published by Quarto on this era (see below) and run the Thatcher Crisis Years blog


  • Author of Quest For The True Cross– published by Bertelsmann in Europe and available in paperback on Amazon
  • Award shortlisted for best sports biographer in 2011 for the story of middleweight champion Errol Christie, No Place To Hide
  • Penned the biography of Neville Staple, vocalist in legendary ska band The Specials – Original Rude Boy
  • Former BBC news producer and Sky News reporter
  • CEO of Rostra Consulting – building digital networks for good


5 thoughts on “Contact for interviews

  1. Hi ! My New Song titled ” The Knights Templar ! ” is NOW LISTED in my BMI Catalog for Film or TV ! My Catalog # is MMS 550455131 You can message me on Linkedin, Facebook or send me e- mail message to hear the song ! I have 2 professional Recording of it ! This song is AWESOME ! Signed: Deborah Carroll Huntsinger Mc Kinney

  2. Hi Tony ! Trying to get a message to Jeremy Renner! I will be doing the Final recording for the ” Knights Templar !’ song that i wrote on Sept. 16th,2016 ( for the series ” Knightfall ! ” I will list it with BMI ( performing rights organzation) in my Catalog ASAP ! The song is Awesome ! I am also on Linkedin- Deborah Carroll Huntsinger Mc Kinney

  3. Bro u heard the Vatican leak.who is sodomizing children is not the Roman catholic priest money laundering all cover up. so you accuse the Templar for wrong doings . the Truth is out the catholic church is filled with wolves in sheep cloths. the Gran master cursed the Pope and the King of France that the will be judge .God Real Judge the pope and King of France . see History repeats . God Bless
    Benedictine Oblate(Knight Templar)
    Dr Anthony.

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