The Knights Templar as zombies in the movies

There’s been a rash of bloody historical epics of late and some – like Ironclad – have touched on the Knights Templar.  Depicting the knights on the silver screen is nothing new but some of the movies that tells their story, you may not be familiar with.  They range from attempts to truthfully depict the order through to the downright bizarre.  Here’s a little guide to movies on the Knights Templar.

Denmark is responsible for ‘The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar’ where a teenage Dane goes off to learn Latin so he can find out more about Templar treasure.  Needless to say he ropes in his teenage friends and they discover two brotherhoods that are the inheritors of the Templar mantle and the teens get in to massive danger.  Should you wish to track down this hokum, it might be worth knowing that the film is called Tempelriddernes Skat in Danish.  I believe it was successful enough to have generated two sequels!

Templars as zombies was pioneered by the Spanish movie director Amando de Ossorio.  He directed a series of ultra gory movies in the 70s about a band of Templars who return to life in a pretty moldy condition and blind.  They find their victims by sound and touch.  Needless to say this being the 1970s, the victims are often female and scantily clad – killed in blood sacrifices which involve them being tied up and whipped.  Yep, not one for the kids!

Germany is to blame for the recent Templar zombie movie ‘Don’t Wake The Dead’ in which a group of very good looking women go to help a friend transform a castle for a rock concert.  Unfortunately, the night they choose to stay is when the zombie Templars come back to life.  They were killed by angry villagers back in the Middle Ages and are still pretty annoyed.  The movie was directed by German schlock specialist Andreas Schnaas and you can read more about it here.

Night of the Templar came out this year and is about a highly disgruntled Templar who returns to life centuries after his betrayal by other Templar knights.  They ambushed him eight hundred years ago and executed him in order to run off with the booty acquired during the crusades.  This booty of course should have gone in to the Order’s coffers but these treacherous knights took it for themselves.  So the executed knight returns now to take his vengeance against the descendants of his evil former comrades.  Here’s a promo trailer:

You have to feel sorry for Dolph Lundgren acting in this tosh – The Minion   In the run up to the year 2000 – there was a whole slew of movies about end of days stuff.  This basically falls in to the genre category.  Eight hundred year old “Celtic” skeleton unearthed on the New York subway (don’t ask) and a key (of course).  News of this discovery reaches an obscure band of monks in the Middle East called….the Knights Templar.  They send their best monk – Dolph Lundgren – to battle a demon that has now been unleashed.  It transfers from body to body using primitive special effects by the look of this clip:

Raymond Khoury wrote the massively best selling novel ‘The Last Templar’ and this was turned in to a TV series two years ago which I must confess, I’ve yet to see.  If you’ve read the novel then you know that at a present day Manhattan art gallery opening of medieval relics, the Knights Templar ride in and smash things up a bit.  They appear to be after an ancient decoding machine which they take and then our heroes have to get it back.  You’ll get the drift from this trailer: