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2021 will see me appearing in Secrets of the Ark – a new show from Like A Shot Entertainment where we investigate one of the holiest relics in the world that has gone missing for 2,500 years.

And I’ll be in a whole load of episodes of the latest season of Discovery’s Strange Evidence that begins broadcasting in the United States from March 2021.

In 2020, I appeared in nearly every episode of season six of Forbidden History on Discovery and UKTV. That covered some amazing topics including Japanese gold hidden in World War Two on the Philippines, the real Moses, the truth about the Bermuda Triangle and the secrets of the crystal skulls.

Last year, I was also in the last season of Strange Evidence looking at filmed incidents that seem to have no rational explanation. I was particularly taken by the YouTube video from Indonesia of a group of bikers chancing upon a long lost pygmy tribe.

Rob Riggle Global Investigator aired on Discovery in 2020. Rob was a hoot to work with on location at a ruined abbey in Scotland. We took an irreverent swipe at the various searches for the Holy Grail. Rob used to be a regular on Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show plus several comedy movies. Really level headed and great company.

Here I am below telling Rob Riggle that smashing up medieval graves to find the Holy Grail will have consequences…

Still out there is my investigation of Rosslyn chapel with Scott Wolter on America Unearthed – a series revived for the Travel channel in 2019. We ended up crawling on our bellies – literally – around the mysterious caves at Wemyss near Fife in Scotland. Really interesting chap and always provocative!

Here I am below in the last season of Forbidden History, broadcast in 2019, talking about those rumours that Adolf Hitler only had one properly descended testicle!

Other programmes I’ve been on in 2019 include Private Lives (Yesterday/UKTV) presented by Tracy Borman, co-curator of the Royal Palaces. We discussed the private lives of Al Capone, Peter the Great and Princess Margaret. Quite a mixture!

On Discovery, you may also have seen me pop up on NASA’s Unexplained Files commenting on all your favourite UFO and alien conspiracy theories. Great team to work with and really enjoyed it.

If you would like a man with a luxuriant beard making history popular and fun on your TV programme – then read on!

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Rob Riggle Global Investigator – Discovery Science

  • Filmed in the spring of 2019 for broadcast on Discovery Science

Strange Evidence – Discovery Science

  • Broadcast summer of 2019 in the United States. Several episodes covering the secret of El Dorado, UFO sightings and strange sightings during the Japanese tsunami.

America Unearthed – Discovery Travel

  • Filmed January, 2019 with presenter Scott Wolter on location in Scotland. Episode on the Knights Templar. Will broadcast in July 2019

NASA Unexplained Files – Discovery Science

  • Broadcast 2019 in the United States and Europe

Forbidden History – UKTV/Yesterday TV

Filmed in September 2019 for series six of Forbidden History broadcast in the United States in spring 2020 and in the United Kingdom in autumn 2020. Topics include:

  • Crystal skulls
  • Moses the prophet
  • The real Noah
  • Hidden Japanese gold on the Philippines
  • Nazis and the occult

Tony McMahon appeared in the following episodes of series five last year:

  • First broadcast 2018: Series five. Episode One. Uncovering the Historical Jesus
  • First broadcast 2018: Series five. Episode Two. The Stasi – Behind the Berlin Wall
  • First broadcast 2018: Series five. Episode Three. The Nazi Treasure Quest
  • First broadcast 2018: Series five. Episode Four. The Real James Bond
  • First broadcast 2018: Series five. Episode Five. The Dead Sea Scrolls Conspiracy


  • First broadcast 2017: Series four. Episode Four. The Dark Truths of the Templars

Buried – History channel – presented by Mikey Kay and Garth Baldwin. A documentary series on the Knights Templar to accompany History’s Templar ten-part drama Knightfall:

  • First broadcast in the United States 2017 (UK 2018): Series one. Episode Four. Land of Secrets (the Templars in Portugal)

The Big Audition – ITV – a prime-time ITV 1 series where contestants vie for a very interesting job.

  • Broadcast on ITV on 5 October, 2018 at 21:00 to a prime-time audience. I was in full costume as King Henry VIII. The show was reviewed with my image in national media including The Sun newspaper.

Private Lives of the Monarchs – UKTV/Yesterday TV and other channels globally – presented by Tracy Borman, curator of the Royal Palaces. Tony McMahon appeared in the following episodes:

  • First broadcast 2017: Series Two. Episode One. Queen Victoria
  • First broadcast 2017: Series Two. Episode Two. George III and the Prince Regent
  • First broadcast 2017: Series Two. Episode Three. Louis XIV
  • First broadcast 2017: Series Two. Episode Four. Charles II
  • First broadcast 2017: Series Two. Episode Five. Henry VIII

Private Lives – UKTV/Yesterday TV and other channels globally – presented by Tracy Borman. Tony McMahon appears in the following episodes, first half of 2019:

  • Series Three. Broadcast March, 2019. Princess Margaret
  • Series Three. Broadcast March 2019. Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson
  • Series Three. Broadcast March 2019. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis
  • Series Three. Broadcast March 2019. Napoleon
  • Series Three. Broadcast April 2019. Peter the Great
  • Series Three. Broadcast April 2019. Al Capone

Four Rooms Channel 4 – presented by Sarah Beeny

  • First broadcast December 2017: Series three. Episode 1

Dressed as Henry VIII on ITV in October 2018 – very much a tongue in cheek TV appearance as I walked in full costume through west London

In March 2019, talking about the scandals around Princess Margaret – sister of Queen Elizabeth II and featured in the Netflix series, The Crown

Why did the notorious English king Henry VIII have no friends later in life?

Same TV series – but a different monarch. Victoria and Abdul – the real story of Queen Victoria’s relationship with her Indian servant and his introduction of curry to the royal court.

On Forbidden History presented by Jamie Theakston. We discuss the mysteries of the Knights Templar at my house in London for an episode broadcast in the spring of 2017. I appeared in every episode of Forbidden History in 2018 discussing topics as varied as the historical Jesus, the East German Stasi secret police and the real James Bond.

Filming with the History channel in Portugal in the summer of 2017 for the Knight Templar documentary series Buried (broadcast in the US in 2017 and the UK in 2018) made to complement the multi-million dollar drama series Knightfall.

IMG_0553 (1)

Appearing on ITV’s The Big Audition in October 2018 dressed as Henry VIII – press photo that appeared in The Sun newspaper.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 23.20.03

And the Daily Mail covers The Big Audition with a lovely photo of me in the middle!


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