TV appearances

FullSizeRender (11)Check out my Beardy History website for a full profile of me and the areas of history I tend to specialise in.  I’m a great believer in popularising history for TV and online viewers who are time poor and want to be entertained and informed simultaneously. My background is as a print journalist, TV producer (BBC and Sky News) and a communications consultant and film maker for corporate and government clients.

Filming with Jamie Theakston in my study for UKTV

History is my passion. I’m not an academic but a knowledgeable and enthusiastic history buff. My main obsessions are the Knights Templar, Romans, early Christianity, Nazis, conspiracy theories, London history, American politics and so on. I’m also very interested in historical fiction from the works of Walter Scott to the novels of Ken Follett.

I’ve found that a luxuriant beard and having the bearing of a Victorian gentleman goes down well with TV audiences. You can always trust a man with good facial furniture and well cut suits. Or so I like to think.

Answering questions from the History Channel

The most exciting project I’ve just worked on has been with the History Channel for an upcoming series called Buried. This is a hunt for Templar treasure and I assisted on the Portuguese leg of the journey looking for secret underground tunnels. The team were an amazing bunch of people and very talented film makers. A pleasure to work with them.

Jamie Theakston, presenter of UKTV and Yesterday TV’s Forbidden History visited me at my home to talk about the Knights Templar for the programme’s fourth season. The episode The Dark Truths of the Templars was aired in July, 2017.

This autumn, I’ll be filming for season five of Forbidden History as well as contributing to a series called Private Lives of the Monarchs and also appearing on the History Channel.

So look out for me!