TV appearances

Tony McMahon – bearded historian in demand!

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I make regular appearances as a history expert on UKTV, Yesterday TV, the History Channel and on blogs. You can contact me at to appear on a show. I also have a professional website:

On UKTV’s Private Lives of the Monarchs revealing why Henry VIII – Tudor monarch, Renaissance man and psychopath – had no friends in later life.

Same series – but a different monarch. Victoria and Abdul – the real story of Queen Victoria’s relationship with her Indian servant and his introduction of curry to the royal court.

On Forbidden History presented by Jamie Theakston. We discuss the mysteries of the Knights Templar at my house in London for an episode broadcast in the spring of 2017. I’ll be appearing in every episode of Forbidden History in 2018 discussing topics as varied as the historical Jesus, the East German Stasi secret police and the real James Bond.

Filming with the History Channel in Portugal in the summer of 2017 for the Knight Templar documentary series Buried made to complement the multi-million dollar drama series Knightfall.

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