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The truth about the Spear of Destiny!

Spear of Destiny

Investigative TV historian Tony McMahon examines the story of the Spear of Destiny and why it has held a long and terrible fascination

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Hagia Sophia – set to become a mosque again

Hagia Sophia mosque

The Hagia Sophia is to be turned back into a mosque having been a museum for eighty years after a court decision now enforced by President Erdogan

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Medieval divide between Muslims and Christians

The boundary between the medieval Muslim and Christian worlds was very fluid and certain individuals had no difficulty moving from one world to the other

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The Donation of Constantine – a medieval forgery

The Donation of Constantine was a medieval forgery claiming that the Roman emperor Constantine had handed over Rome to the total control of the pope

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The Holy Sepulchre – sacred to the Knights Templar

Templar expert Tony McMahon investigates why the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was so venerated by the Knights Templar in the Middle Ages

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Paganism in Europe at the time of the Templars

Paganism lingered in Europe way into the Middle Ages though eventually the Catholic church suppressed it with violence

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Christ’s descendants vs the Catholic church

Did the descendants of Christ – the so-called Desposyni – challenge the power of the Roman Catholic church in the 4th century AD as has been claimed

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Top Ten Martyred Saints!

The top ten martyred saints – many of whom were revered by the Knights Templar

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