Quest for the True Cross


Murder – War – Treachery

Are you prepared to go on a quest to recover the most sacred and holy relic owned by the Knights Templar but stolen by the Saracens?

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Quest for the True Cross is a historical novel written by former journalist, award short-listed author and history enthusiast Tony McMahon. Its hero is an English Templar, Sir William de Mandeville. He is on a quest to retrieve the most sacred relic of the Templars, stolen by the Saracens.

William journeys from the chaos of the crusades in the Holy Land back to his native England, then on to a violent siege in Portugal. His companions are a Syrian Turcopole (mercenary working for the Templars) called Pathros and a young Saxon urchin called Nicholas. This unlikely trio must find the True Cross to restore both the sanity and honour of William.

William is a knight on the verge of a medieval-style nervous breakdown!

  • The True Cross has been stolen and the Knights Templar do not know its whereabouts
  • They must find it or risk being ridiculed by the whole of Christendom
  • The Crusades are going badly with the Saracens making big gains – maybe this is the wrath of God at the Templars having lost the True Cross

And what is the True Cross? It is part of the crucifix on which Jesus was executed by the Romans. Only one man can find and rescue it before the world discovers that the Templars let it slip from their grasp.

His name is William de Mandeville. An English Templar knight. But he has been forced to return home from the Holy Land back to England. Why? Because his mind is tortured and possessed by a demon. It mocks his faith and commitment to the Templar cause. If he can find the True Cross, maybe the demon will leave him alone.

If you want to find out if William succeeds in his quest, you’ll have to buy Quest for the True Cross. Get it on Amazon or other good book retailers. And tell us here what you thought about this Templar adventure!

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