The Templar Knight


Does the secret Chinon parchment exonerate the Knights Templar as claimed?

Why the Chinon Parchment found in the secret Vatican archives does not exonerate the Knights Templar from the charge of heresy

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Was Jacques De Molay really the last Grand Master of the Templars?

Was another Grand Master called Larmenius appointed by Jacques De Molay before he was burned at the stake?

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Knights Templar demand Vatican apology for executions

The Italian chapter of the Knights Templar has written to Pope Benedict XVI demanding that he apologize for the unlawful suppression of the Order and the burning of Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay.   The action by the chapter was…

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Could the Turin Shroud be the face of a Knight Templar?

Who is really depicted on the Turin Shroud?

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