The Templar Knight


Medieval Christmas and its pagan influences!

How the Christian church transformed the pagan Winter Solstice into the medieval Christmas – through compromise and absorbing the unthinkable.

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The Twelve Days of Christmas explained!

The Twelve Days of Christmas explained in depth from Christmas Day to Twelfth Night and what each day signified in the medieval period

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Font disappears from Templar cave!

Templar cave

The alleged Templar cave at Caynton has seen the robbery of its ancient stone font as TV historian Tony McMahon reports

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The truth about the Spear of Destiny!

Spear of Destiny

Investigative TV historian Tony McMahon examines the story of the Spear of Destiny and why it has held a long and terrible fascination

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Join me inside a Templar castle!

Templar castle Tomar

TV historian Tony McMahon visits the Templar castle at Tomar in central Portugal in 2022

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The Jedi – Stars Wars and the Knights Templar

Jedi Templar

George Lucas was hugely influenced by the Knights Templar when conceptualising the Jedi order – Tony McMahon discovers

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DeMolay International – an introduction

DeMolay International

DeMolay International is an organisation striving to emulate the values of the last Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay

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Forbidden History – new series on TV!

Season seven of Forbidden History is now broadcasting on Discovery with some incredible insights into mysteries of the past

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The Assassins – a medieval death cult

The Assassins were a medieval death cult that today would be regarded as terrorists as TV historian Tony McMahon discovers

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The Knights Templar in Ukraine

Incredibly the Knights Templar were present in Ukraine and you can still view remains of a castle they built at Serednie

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