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The Winchester Geese – medieval prostitution

The Winchester Geese were medieval prostitutes and this blog looks at how they got their name.

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Strange medieval medical treatments for disease!

History TV presenter Tony Robinson has been investigating strange medieval medical treatments.  Why did our ancestors believe illness was caused by demons, elves, sprites and even God himself? Tony McMahon reviews his findings broadcast on Channel 4 and National Geographic….

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Terrible and random acts of violence in medieval Europe!

Stephen Pinker writes about some of the terrible and random acts of violence in medieval Europe

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Telling the time in the Middle Ages

Telling the time in the Middle Ages was not an exact science but there were smart ways of knowing the hour of the day

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Torture and violence in the Middle Ages

Life in the Middle Ages was way more violent on average than daily life today which is way more civilised by comparison

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Horrible things that happened in medieval sieges!

Some of the brutality and horror that used to occur during medieval sieges to intimidate the enemy

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