The Templar Knight


St George’s Day celebration in London

St George’s Day in England. When we celebrate a saint who had little to with this country in a hail of medieval chivalry. And we love it! How a fourth century AD Roman soldier who was martyred by the emperor…

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Cannibals in the Crusades – was human flesh eaten?

The idea that crusaders and Knights Templar were also cannibals who ate other humans during the Crusades is shocking and disturbing

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Saladin the merciful – think again!

The truth about Saladin the merciful and his war against the Crusaders and Knights Templar

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Richard the Lionheart – not such a good king!

Richard the Lionheart is often depicted as a heroic figure in contrast to his brother King John but is this just propaganda? Was Richard actually a terrible despot?

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Richard the Lionheart massacres captives

Richard the Lionheart may have been more of a mass murderer than a crusader hero. After taking Acre he massacred thousands of Muslim captives

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