Do the Templars control the world today?

I meet and talk to people in very different situations who are convinced that the Knights Templar in some guise or other control the world. How do they come to this view?

A few months ago, I was talking to a young British Muslim and mentioned this blog. “Well, of course, they totally run the world, right?” I thought he was joking. He was university educated, very bright and well read. But no. He meant it. 100%.

Similarly, I’ve come across people who argue that Pope Francis, as a Jesuit, must be part of a Templar plot because the Jesuits are really secret Templars.

Let me run through some of the recent theories I’ve discovered online about Templars running the world:

Templars control us from Switzerland

  • Haven’t you ever noticed how similar the Swiss and Templar flags are?
  • Swiss neutrality is not a result of loving peace but because they are too busy orchestrating wars through which the Templars control us
  • Templars finance wars around the globe
  • The reason Swiss banking is secret is to hide the Templars controlling it

Templars control us from London

  • The US is still controlled from London
  • Behind the British monarchy and the City of London is the “Crown”, the Crown Templar
  • It is still based at the Temple church in the heart of London
  • That church is based in London’s legal district where the Templars have determined the Common Law system that governs the UK and US
  • King John and Magna Carta cemented this arrangement in place back in 1215

The Holy Grail has given them incredible power

  • Digging beneath the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, the Knights Templar found the Holy Grail and knowledge that gave them power over the church
  • This power ultimately posed such a grave threat to medieval Europe that kings and popes united to overthrow them
  • But they continue to exercise power as they still possess the Grail
  • Successive attempts to wrest the Grail from their control by the church and Freemasons have failed

The Freemasons possess Templar knowledge

  • Hiram, king of Tyre, built Solomon’s Temple in ancient times but was murdered when he refused to divulge Masonic secrets
  • The Templars discovered that knowledge when they occupied Solomon’s Temple
  • They transmitted that knowledge to the Freemasons who emerged openly in the 18th century

Templars and the Illuminati – are the same thing

  • It’s a simple deductive syllogism that goes like this…
  • The Illuminati run the world
  • The Templars are the Illuminati
  • Therefore, the Templars run the world

Templars are trying to take over all faiths

  • The Templars were part of a centuries old conspiracy to dominate the world
  • They came from elite aristocratic families
  • They deliberately questioned the divinity of Christ to more easily merge Christianity with Islam and Judaism
  • Vatican Two in the 1960s was a continuation of that plot
  • The Jesuits are an arm of the Templars and Pope Francis is acting under their orders

The Templars are trying to set up a One World Government

  • And here is a film on that theory

Interview with the Ancient and Noble Order of The Knights Templar

English: Knights Templar Česky: Dva templáři
Knights Templar 

I’m very pleased to have reached out to The Ancient and Noble Order of the Knights Templar and they have kindly responded with some very helpful details on their aims and objectives. The Order has recently held its General Meeting and subsequent Investiture at the Templar Church in London. The event was attended by Knights and Associates from North America, South America, Turkey, Portugal and England, and supported by other representations from Knights and Associates in Australia, Chile, Ecuador and Switzerland.

Sir Peter R Evans KST, Vice Chancellor and Knight Seneschal of The Ancient & Noble Order of the Knights Templar explains more about the Order and its work:
This Order does not seek publicity per se, preferring as it’s testament the individual actions of it’s Knights and Associates around the world.

This Order was re-founded last century and as far as possible it is a revival of the original Order founded in the 12th century. It is registered in Jerusalem, the Knights Templar spiritual home, and its main tenet duplicates that of the original Templars – to help all those in need wherever it can.

We have accredited Associates, Knights Templar, Knights Commander and Knights Seneschal in all the continents on earth.

From the senior Seneschals there are 6 elected to the Inner Court, the main governing body of the Order, who live in various countries around the world and who meet twice a year.

The main objectives of the Order are essentially:-

1)  To restore the good name of our former brothers-at-arms, the original Knights Templar,

2)  To help create a modern equivalent of the Knights Templar Organisation embracing all extant like minded Templar Organisations worldwide, and

3)  To continue our own work, in whatever way each and everyone of our Knights Templar can, in his own community, to help those in need and thus make a difference.

As regards 1) we are now on the way to our goal. With the publication of the “Chinon Document” the Vatican has now effectively acknowledged the injustice done to our former brethren. The Vatican is aware of our existence and we remain in correspondence with them.

As regards 2) we are in continual discussion and dialogue with other Bona Fide Templar Organisations around the world with a view to the creation of a Worldwide Council of Knights Templar. This Council may well then, in future years, be the single acknowledged representative voice on which to build the future Templar Organisation.

The above are long term goals and may very well take more than a lifetime to come to fruition.

However, the creation of a World Council of Templars, with due authority, will not only be a lasting testament to the original Templars and a vindication of their way of life and death for their beliefs, but the modern Templars can carry that ethos forward into the 21st century and on, with pride.

As regards 3) please see our website, click on the trust tab and view a selection of some of the many projects around the world that our individual Knights and Associates are directly involved with.

Membership is by invitation only following email application and subsequent vetting and selection.

There are no monetary costs involved by the Associates in the process of joining the Order.

It is not the intention of the “Order” to make any such profit from it’s full members. There is a request for a small annual amount to be paid by all full Knights Templar of this Order, although this is not mandatory –  in the poorer countries we prefer that our Knights expend their time, energy and any other available funds on helping their fellow man.

No member or Officer is paid anything for their voluntary services rendered to the Order.

Each of our Knights and Associates works in his own community to help his fellow man in whatever way he deems appropriate.

To find out more, you can visit the website HERE or email: