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Secrets Lost Ark

In case you’re missed it – Secrets of the Lost Ark is now broadcasting in the UK on Discovery Science having finished its run in the United States. The six-part show is a hunt for the biblical Ark of the Covenant that once sat in the Holy of Holies – a sacred room in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. But it’s been missing for 2,500 years. I was one of the experts trying to find out where it is and what happened.

As the PR release put it:

This real-life treasure hunt will follow the clues, hidden in the most extraordinary places – from the Holy Land to the countries that surround it. Along the way, the team of researchers will examine its many unsolved mysteries. What did the Ark look like? What was its purpose? And did it actually exist at all?

The series has given me a chance to team up yet again with the talented team at Like A Shot/Argonon who also bring you the Forbidden History documentary series – that you’ll see me on in the new series later this year. We wanted to investigate all the scenarios about the Ark’s supposed awesome powers and its sudden disappearance during the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem in 587 BC.

That led to the enslavement of the Jewish people and the total destruction of the first Temple – built by King Solomon to house the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark was a golden vessel in which the Ten Commandments and other holy objects were held. Just to look within or touch the Ark would result in immediate death. On one occasion, God killed over 50,000 of his own Chosen People because some of the priests had the temerity to glance within the Ark.

So, join me on this quest and make sure you watch Secrets of the Lost Ark.

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