The Templar Knight


The Forgotten Templar Crusade – Spain and Portugal

The Knights Templar were involved in a bitter seven centuries long crusade in Spain and Portugal between Christian and Muslim kingdoms

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Medieval Toledo – city of three faiths

Even more than Seville or Cordoba – medieval Toledo affords you a glimpse of life in Spain as a Muslim, Jewish and Christian civilisation

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Safed – home to the Templars and the Jewish Kabbalah

To Jewish people, Safed – or Tzfat – has a special significance as the home of the Kabbalah. That is the mystical secrets believed to be contained within the five books of Moses otherwise known as the Torah. DISCOVER MORE:…

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Abu al-Quasim – the father of modern surgery

Abu al-Qasim was the father of modern surgery and a great example of a thinker from the era of the medieval Muslim caliphate in Spain

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Templar war in medieval Spain!

The Knights Templar in medieval Spain were at the forefront of the long war against the Muslim caliphate that eventually resulted in victory

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