The Templar Knight


Celebrating murder at Christmas – a true story!

The murder of Thomas Becket was celebrated on the fifth day of Christmas to remember his killing in the year 1170 as Tony McMahon discovers

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The murder of Thomas Becket

No event shook late twelfth century England as much as the cold-blooded murder of the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket in his own cathedral.  The knights who plunged their swords in to him as he clutched at his altar believed…

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Priests who kill – ordained warriors in the Middle Ages!

You would think that priests were not allowed to kill. They are, after all, men of God who worship the prince of peace, Jesus Christ. But in the Middle Ages, it was strangely acceptable for a bishop or abbot to…

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The senseless massacre of Jews during the Crusades

Crusades began with the senseless massacre of Jewish people in Europe identified by mobs as being infidels like the Saracens

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