The Templar Knight


How would a Knight Templar celebrate Christmas?

Christmas. What’s not to like? The decorations, pudding, cake, fir tree decked with lights, Santa Claus and his little elves. Now imagine a Christmas without any of these things. Then you’re getting closer to Yuletide at the time of the…

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Priests who kill – ordained warriors in the Middle Ages!

You would think that priests were not allowed to kill. They are, after all, men of God who worship the prince of peace, Jesus Christ. But in the Middle Ages, it was strangely acceptable for a bishop or abbot to…

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Your Day of Judgment has arrived – medieval style

In English medieval churches, it’s now almost impossible to imagine the walls as they once were – covered in lurid depictions of the Day of Judgment and hell fire for the sinful.  During the Protestant Reformation, church walls were whitewashed,…

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What happened to all the Jews and Muslims in medieval Spain and Portugal?

The way in which most Jews and Muslims in Spain were forced to either convert or die

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