The Templar Knight


How a Knight Templar celebrated Christmas!

Templar expert Tony McMahon looks at how Christmas would have been celebrated by the Knights Templar – welcome to a medieval Christmas of feasting!

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Newark Castle – Knights Templar prison

Newark Castle saw many English Knights Templar imprisoned in its dungeons interrogated and tortured after the order was suppressed in 1307

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The Knights Templar versus the medieval chroniclers

The Knights Templar got a terrible write up from medieval chroniclers like Walter Map and William of Tyre

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Medieval Killer Priests who terrorised battlefields!

Medieval killer priests were men of the cloth who had no qualms about getting into armour and clubbing their enemies to death in battle

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Your Day of Judgment has arrived – medieval style

In English medieval churches, it’s now almost impossible to imagine the walls as they once were – covered in lurid depictions of the Day of Judgment and hell fire for the sinful.  During the Protestant Reformation, church walls were whitewashed,…

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Inquisition hunts down Christian converts

Christian converts from Judaism and Islam may have hoped to avoid the Spanish Inquisition but the 1506 Lisbon massacre proved otherwise

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