The Templar Knight


Crazy Knights Templar conspiracy theories!

Templar conspiracy theories are all over social media but their origin is way more recent than the medieval era as Tony McMahon discovers

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Do the Templars control the world today?

The idea that the Knights Templar control the world is surprisingly common on social media and online forums so Tony McMahon investigates why

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Knights Templar – separating fact from fiction!

Ten things you never knew about the Knights Templar such as running a slave trade and inventing offshore banking

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German Templars, Haifa and the Nazis

The extraordinary story of a group of Germans who settled in Haifa in Israel called themselves Templars but then became Nazis

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Knights Templar and the secrets of the Kabbala

The relationship between the Knights Templar, the Temple of Solomon and the Kabbala is investigated by Templar expert Tony McMahon

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