Knights Templar and the secrets of the Kabbala

Could the Knights Templar have been created to unearth the secrets of the Kabbala located somewhere under the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem? Was it their central task?

This is a theory among many Templar fans. That the Knights Templar deliberately chose to be located in the Temple of Solomon because they knew that the ancient kabbalistic secrets were under their feet.

King Solomon, the Kabbala and the Templars

Let’s outline this theory!

It was no accident that the Knights Templar decided to be based in what had been the biblical Temple of Solomon – as described in the Old Testament. Because Solomon was a ‘biblical magician king’ behind the Kabbala.  The Templars were afraid of the former Saracen rulers of Jerusalem finding out more about the Kabbala so had to get to the Temple Mount to find the secrets first.

They tunnelled under the Temple Mount and got what they wanted.  This included the Holy Grail which is not an object but a series of Kabbalistic secrets. More specifically, the Holy Grail is the secret that physical matter can be transformed through incantations of Hebrew codes.

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Sodomy and the Kabbala

This proves, among other things, that the planet is a living breathing conscious being. The proponent of this theory is the controversial David Icke. He argues, amongst other things, that the Templars were engaged in Kabbalistic ritual sodomy.

After being arrested, the knights confessed to their sexual practices and their black magic artifacts were confiscated – included dessicated heads called ‘baphomets’, through which the devil was conjured up to speak.

Some Templars escaped to Scotland and Malta.  The Maltese branch got to America before Columbus and went to Scotland as well, emerging their as Freemasons.  Organisations that can trace their roots back to the Kabbalistic Templars include the Ku Klux Klan!

One of their rituals was part-performed by Elizabeth II during her coronation in 1952.  All of which ‘proves’ that Prince William is the next King of the Kabbala.

And I’ll leave you to decide what you think about all that!

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