The Templar Knight


The medieval chroniclers who hated the Knights Templar

The medieval contemporaries of the Knights Templar who hated the order and criticised them

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Friday 13th and the end of the Knights Templar

It’s one of those weeks again when a Friday 13th occurs and our thoughts turn to the Knights Templar. So why is the 13th so significant? On the morning of Friday 13th October 1307, a huge dawn raid saw Templars…

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Ten accusations made against the Knights Templar

In 1307, the Knights Templar were rounded up, imprisoned and tortured under secret orders issued by the King of France. The trials of top Templars would last for years and lead to many being burnt at the stake including the…

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Were the charges against the Templars trumped up?

Here’s one bit of evidence that says yes – they were. In 1307, the Templars were accused of some terrible crimes – by medieval standards. Christ’s divinity was being denied in their secret initiation ceremonies. They venerated idols, possibly including…

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Templars and sodomy

During the suppression of the Templar order in the early 1300s, the oft repeated charge against the knights was that of ‘sodomy‘.  The trial documents didn’t spare any blushes in detailing the crime describing the act of kissing the body…

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The Templars, Sodomy and the Bishop

This month’s edition of ‘History Today’ mentions in passing a certain bishop called Adam of Orleton who in a sermon on October 15th, 1327 declared that King Edward II of England, who was in the process of being deposed by…

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