The Templar Knight


The ill treatment of Jews in medieval Lent

The period of Lent leading up to Easter was hazardous for Jews in the Middle Ages falsely accused of the killing of Jesus by ignorant people

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Being Jewish in medieval Europe

The fervour of the Crusades often saw public anger turn against Jewish people in medieval Europe. There were brutal assaults and even murder. Though the horror experienced by medieval Jewish people would not equal the industrial scale nightmare that we…

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Safed – home to the Templars and the Jewish Kabbalah

To Jewish people, Safed – or Tzfat – has a special significance as the home of the Kabbalah. That is the mystical secrets believed to be contained within the five books of Moses otherwise known as the Torah. DISCOVER MORE:…

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Jews and the Knights Templar – a complex relationship

The relationship between the Jews and the Knights Templar was complex with the knights protecting Jewish people

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