The Templar Knight


Evidence of the Knights Templar fleeing the Holy Land with their loot?

The former Templar stronghold of Acre in modern Israel has been throwing up some interesting discoveries of late. Templar treasure? A team from Haifa University found the wreck of a long lost crusader ship in the bay with a horde…

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Crusaders ride down a Portuguese high street – with police escort

Here are a group of crusaders and Templars riding down a high street in Portugal on their way to the annual medieval fair at the town of Santa Maria da Feira.  I went last year and it’s amazing. If you…

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Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem – sacred to the Templars!

The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was the most sacred church to the Knights Templar. They built churches across Christendom that resembled its circular shape. From London to Segovia to Tomar and the Middle East, you can find Templar places of…

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