The Templar Knight


Crusaders and their little horses

Crusaders rode horses that resemble today’s ponies in size and were not mighty steeds as Tony McMahon discovers

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Resurrection: Ertugrul – medieval epic TV from Turkey

Resurrection: Ertugrul is a hugely successful medieval historical TV drama series on Netflix where the Knights Templar are the bad guys

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Evidence of the Knights Templar and their treasure?

Has evidence of Templar treasure now been found off the coast of Israel? Could it be proof that the Knights Templar did indeed flee the Holy Land with tremendous bullion? Templar treasure? A team from Haifa University found the wreck…

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Templar knights, Indiana Jones and Petra

The final scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is in Petra – a magnificent historical site where a Knight Templar guards the Holy Grail

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Crusaders ride down a Portuguese high street – with police escort

A group of Knights Templar ride down a street in Portugal with police escort during one of the country’s many medieval festivals

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Holy Sepulchre – sacred to the Knights Templar!

Images from a visit by Templar expert Tony McMahon to the Holy Sepulchre in 2012. This church is the reputed sight of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

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