The Templar Knight


English Kings whose bodies have disappeared!

The bodies of many famous Kings of England have disappeared over the centuries and never been found again

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Charing Cross – the devotion of a king to his dead wife

Edward I – the king who defeated Braveheart – could never be regarded as a particularly sentimental man but when it came to his wife, he was a clearly a very devoted husband. Eleanor of Castile was the great great…

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Jews and the Knights Templar – a complex relationship

The relationship between the Jews and the Knights Templar was complex with the knights protecting Jewish people

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Yorkshire Templars arrested in fateful year of 1308

The arrest of the Templars at Temple Newsam in Yorkshire came as a shock to the knights because they had got on very well with the king’s father

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Knights Templar subdue Wales!

King Henry II used the Knights Templar to subdue the troublesome principality of Wales

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