The Templar Knight


Where was Jacques de Molay executed?

Tony McMahon searches for the exact spot where Templar grand master Jacques de Molay was executed in Paris

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RESEARCH RESULTS: What fascinates YOU about the Knights Templar!

Tony McMahon looks at what fascinates people about the Knights Templar including the bloodline of Jesus and their reputed treasure

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Knights Templar demand Vatican apology for executions

Pope Benedict was asked to apologise for the execution of Jacques de Molay by modern day Templars

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Horrible things that happened in medieval sieges!

Some of the brutality and horror that used to occur during medieval sieges to intimidate the enemy

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Yorkshire Templars arrested in fateful year of 1308

The arrest of the Templars at Temple Newsam in Yorkshire came as a shock to the knights because they had got on very well with the king’s father

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What happened to all the Jews and Muslims in medieval Spain and Portugal?

The way in which most Jews and Muslims in Spain were forced to either convert or die

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