The Templar Knight


A unique glimpse of the everyday life of the Knights Templar

Helen Nicholson talks about her book The Everyday Life of the Templars – a look at how the Templars lived and worked

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Why were the Templars suppressed?

I almost feel like this is a game of Templar medieval Cluedo – were they killed with the Turkish mace in the banqueting hall or with the lance in the dovecote?  The web is not short of sweeping conclusions so…

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Who were the Hospitallers?

At around the same time that the Templars were formed in the Holy Land in the early 12th century – up pops another order of military monks called the Hospitallers.  Unlike the Templars, they were not subsequently persecuted out of…

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Battle of Hattin – the aftermath

Having been defeated at the Battle of Hattin, the crusaders and Templars now found themselves at the mercy of Saladin.  When it came to the Templars and Hospitallers, the muslim leader was in no particular mood to show mercy.  The…

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