The Templar Knight


Constantinople – at the time of the Crusades

The sack of Constantinople by crusaders during the Fourth Crusade in 1204 was a battle of Christian against Christian

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Were bombs used in the Crusades?

I have just returned from a ten day visit to Jordan ā€“ a country with an amazing history sandwiched between Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Over the next few blog posts, Iā€™m going to share the incredible…

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Abu al-Quasim – father of modern surgery

In the centuries before the Knights Templar were formed, much of Europe was ruled by Muslim emirs. These were Islamic polities prepared to absorb the learning of the Greeks and Romans and become learned civilisations. They produced great surgeons, artists…

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Templars and the ‘white slave trade’

The disturbing truth that the Knights Templar appear to have traded in slaves

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