The Templar Knight


A unique glimpse of the everyday life of the Knights Templar

Helen Nicholson talks about her book The Everyday Life of the Templars – a look at how the Templars lived and worked

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Did the Knights Templar play chess?

Here we have an image of two Templars playing chess in the Middle Ages.  It’s a well known and heavily reproduced image on the web.  Just one thing vexes me – the Templars were officially forbidden to play the game….

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The Baptism of Infidels

The issue of forced conversion from Islam to Christianity – and vice versa – in the Middle Ages is surrounded by a fog of confusion, preconceptions and lack of reliable sources.   Let’s take what we now call Spain and Portugal…

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Ironclad – the trailer – view here

Well, I’d like to think that most of you first heard about Ironclad, the movie, here on this blog but that might be too optimistic.  I’ve talked through some of the historical lapses in fact but without being too pedantic…

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