The Templar Knight


Roman helmets found at Knights Templar lair

A bizarre turn in the story of the gang in Mexico which unfortunately called itself the Knights Templar – or Caballeros Templarios.  Mexican police have just raided one of their safehouses and discovered one hundred and twenty Roman helmets –…

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Paganism in Europe at the time of the Templars

Paganism lingered in Europe way into the Middle Ages though eventually the Catholic church suppressed it with violence

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Saints removed by the Catholic Church

In the 1960s, many saints were removed by the Catholic church because there was not enough evidence to prove they ever existed

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London was once a walled city – but the wall has all but disappeared

Medieval London was a walled city and there’s a still a street called London Wall that follows where the now demolished wall once stood

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Templar Curse of Segovia

The Templar church at Segovia in Spain is dedicated to the True Cross and there is a story of a curious curse put by the knights on the local crows

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Top Ten Martyred Saints!

The top ten martyred saints – many of whom were revered by the Knights Templar

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