The Templar Knight


How The Devil Got His Horns

On BBC Four this week, historian Alastair Sooke tackled the vexed question of how the devil got his horns? Did he always look as we imagine him? Well, if we go back to the start of Christianity – there are…

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Archangel Michael and sinners

Here is a roadside shrine I came across in the town of Ancora in northern Portugal. Behind bars is a painted and carved depiction of sinners amidst flames and above them the triumphant figure of the archangel in what I’m…

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Exorcism, fairies, devils and how to turn a maiden in to a love slave

A new series on Channel Four in the United Kingdom – Gods and Monsters –  covers the history of belief in evil spirits in England.  Spirits who could disguise themselves as humans, take other people’s forms, angels cast out of…

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The danger of drinking with the Devil – a cautionary tale

A cautionary medieval tale about the dangers of drinking with the Devil

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How will Anti-Christ react to Christ’s arrival?

How Anti-Christ will react to the arrival of the real Jesus Christ according to medieval chroniclers

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The relationship between Anti-Christ and the Knights Templar

The Templar belief in anti-Christ was very strong – and may even have inspired the crusades with the belief that Jerusalem had to be retaken before the end of times

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