The Templar Knight


Templars’ Lost Treasure – on National Geographic

What has happened to the treasure of the Templars? Gisors – clues to lost Templar treasure? When French soldiers went to arrest the knights at the massive Temple in Paris in 1307 – they found no treasure. Legend has it…

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Medieval battles – the blood, guts and fury

I never ceased to be amazed by the level of violence and gore in the Middle Ages – maybe an unhealthy fascination! In my book Quest for the True Cross (click HERE to download) – I depict a battle scene…

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Getting to grips with Knight Templar terminology!

Are you confused by Templar terminology? Do you wonder what on earth a Seneschal is or a Turcopole? Is a commandery the same thing as a preceptory? Getting Templar terms right? Some friends reading my latest book (click HERE to…

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Quest for the True Cross – FAQs

Quest For The True Cross is a Templar adventure novel by Tony McMahon

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Sir William de Mandeville – Templar hero!

Meet Sir William de Mandeville – a Templar hero

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