Mount Nebo – where Moses died – and possible location of the Ark of the Covenant

During my recent visit to Jordan – I visited Mount Nebo, the spot where Moses was permitted to survey the Promised Land and then died. See my photo gallery at the end of this blog post.

What a bitter experience that must have been after such a long journey to get there!  The view over the nearby valley is stunning and there are ruins of a Byzantine church at the summit.

But Mount Nebo has also excited Templar conspiracy theorists over the years because according to one biblical passage, this is where the Ark of the Covenant was concealed when the Babylonians attacked Jerusalem in the sixth century before Christ. During that invasion, the first Temple of Solomon was utterly destroyed and the Ark disappeared from view, never to be seen again.

Unless of course, you believe that the Knights Templar had been called into being to dig for it under the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. Or scour Mount Nebo for this object that possessed dread, sacred power capable of defeating armies.


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