Knightfall – History channel Templar drama!

A new and thrilling drama series about the Knights Templar will grace your TV screens on 6 December, 2017. To keep up with latest news and views – follow Knightfall on Twitter. The account is up and running.

Little titbit of information. The series will feature some regulars from Downtown Abbey – actors you will know if you were fans of that show. Jim Carter will play Pope Boniface VIII, Julian Ovenden is the king of France’s slimy adviser William de Nogaret and Tom Cullen takes on the role of the lead Templar protagonist Landry.

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3 thoughts on “Knightfall – History channel Templar drama!

  1. Hi Tony ! I followed “Knightfall” on Twitter! I was just trying to listen to the new trailers & it said to hover over speaker icon to unmute! I did & the sound would not unmute ! Theres several of them & none would unmute! Can you please tell them ! They are not following me back Twitter, so i couldn’t send them a message to tell them ! Thank you !

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