The Templar Knight


KNIGHTFALL: The second episode!

Episode 2 of Knightfall – the plot so far

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KNIGHTFALL character profile: Pope Boniface VIII

The truth about Pope Boniface VIII and his struggle with King Philip of France

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KNIGHTFALL character profile: William De Nogaret

William De Nogaret is a leading character in Knightfall – but who was he in real life?

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Knightfall – follow the new History Channel Templar drama series on Twitter

Knightfall is the new Templar drama series from the History channel

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Friday 13th and the end of the Knights Templar

It’s one of those weeks again when a Friday 13th occurs and our thoughts turn to the Knights Templar. So why is the 13th so significant? On the morning of Friday 13th October 1307, a huge dawn raid saw Templars…

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Were the Knights Templar heretics?

Were the Knights Templar heretics as charged?

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