Season 3 for Knightfall – what do you think?

The Knight Templar drama series Knightfall has received full-throated support from this blog. But the critics have been more divided. Despite a tour de force from Mark Hamill as a grumpy old Templar warrior called Talus – there’s been some uncertainty over a third season.

In the 18 to 49 key demographics, viewing figures fell by nearly half despite the appearance of Hamill – who you all know from the Star Wars movies (I refuse to say “franchise” – it’s not a Burger King). That is not auspicious and yet fans are eager to see what will happen next on this grail quest.

I have received feedback from many of you that you’ve enjoyed the series and want more. It would be a shame if everything was left hanging in the air. After all, we know the story of the fall of the Templars – especially if you follow this blog – so you know what we need to see unfold. Would the channel dare to leave us unsatisfied?

Were there problems with Knightfall that might have stopped it being a winner? Well, yes. The first series had weaknesses in casting, scripting and plot. It lacked the sure-footedness of the Vikings – which has been a ratings champion. It perplexed me greatly how such a compelling story as that of the Templars could be told in such a clunky manner.

History has produced a stable of winners so I’ve really wanted Knightfall to succeed. But it’s a brutal world out there and if a show produces a pronounced limp, then it’ll be left to die. Let’s all hope and pray that’s not the fate of our beloved Knightfall and I can delete this blog post quietly in a year’s time.

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