Buried – the quest for Templar treasure on History

Get read to find out where the treasure of the Knights Templar is buried – when the History channel airs Buried on 31 January, 2018. And guess who appears as an expert when they arrive in Portugal? Yes – me!

I’ll be seen clambering around tunnels in Tomar, once the nerve centre of Templar operations in Portugal. This is where the knights fought off repeated invasions of the Iberian peninsula from Muslim forces in the south. It’s also where the Templars transformed into the Order of Christ after they were banned in 1307.

Buried is accompanying the History channel drama series Knightfall – which you will know all about if you follow this blog! So….look out for me on screen soon!

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    • Neale – I know it’s due to be repeated in July in the UK but not sure what has happened in the US. I did notice that the History Channel removed the episodes in mid-March. Let me see if I can find out what is going on?

  4. A gross error in Episode 3. The cross they use to link the sites which refers to a code is Not the Templar Cross. It is the eight sided cross of the Hospitallers also known as the Knights of St John. The eight points refer to the beatitudes. The Hospitallers were also a military order that survived to the present day known as the Sovereign Military, Hospitallers Order of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta. It’s reputation as a military order wascequal to the Templars. It was also founded muchvearlier in 1045 first as a hospitaller organization to care for the poor and sick pilgrims who came to Jerusalem. It later adopted to military aspect to protect them on their way to Jerusalem.

    • I need to check but I think they used the cross of the later Order of Christ. The programme has not aired in the United Kingdom and I’m unable to download so not seen it yet.

  5. I’m curious to know if the investigators digging around in the underground temples in Acre, are using a “Geiger counter” in addition to their ground penetrating radar and lidar? If the Ark off the Covenant were to have ever been housed there, it may have left some trace evidence of radiation behind as it’s thought by some to have been a weapon of nuclear power of some sort. ???

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