Forbidden History season 6 – with me!

Season 6 of Forbidden History has already started airing in the United States and comes soon to the UK and Europe. I’m at 45 seconds in the trailer above if you need to see me quickly!

I think this is the best series so far. It’s now on the Science channel, part of Discovery, and the production values are amazing. Plus some really great topics that include:

  • Secret Life of Moses – who was the real prophet Moses and can we believe claims that he might have been the pharaoh Akhenaten? (Forbidden History, series 6, episode 24)
  • Curse of the Crystal Skulls – I really enjoyed this one looking at the various crystal skulls that have been discovered and finding out whether they really do have the power to kill. (Forbidden History, series 6, episode 18)
  • Hitler’s Occult Conspiracy – Looking at the weird Nazi obsession with the occult and the role of people like Otto Rahn who inspired, in part, the Indian Jones movies (Forbidden History, series 6, episode 21)
  • Search for Noah’s Ark – What truth is there in the Noah flood story and why do these accounts of an enormous catastrophe crop up in so many ancient myths plus was Noah really a giant? (Forbidden History, series 6, episode 19)
  • Legend of the Turin Shroud – Featured on this blog before but is the Turin Shroud really an image of Christ or was it a medieval fake and why have some scientists broken ranks to claim it is genuine? (Forbidden History, episode 15)

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