The Templar Knight


Jerash – an amazing ancient city in ruins

I have just returned from a ten day visit to Jordan – a country with an amazing history sandwiched between Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Over the next few blog posts, I’m going to share the incredible…

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Where did a Templar go to the toilet?

There’s some widely held misconceptions about how filthy people were in the Middle Ages. A common view is that nobody washed and worse still…defecated or urinated wherever they wanted. The truth is actually surprisingly different. At the castle of Acre…

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Trial of the Knights Templar in England

Every Templar enthusiast knows the story of the trial of Jacques de Molay and other Templar leaders in Paris, their torture, recanting and subsequent burning at the stake.   A very brutal and sad end to two hundred years of Templar…

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The more bizarre and strange saints

The Knights Templar were keen on their saint martyrs – the upper class Roman woman Euphemia for example, butchered in the arena during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian in the early fourth century AD. Many of these saints were…

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