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Huge plague pit discovered in London – Black Death victims

There’s now no doubt that a grisly discovery in London is a mass grave of Black Death victims from the 14th century.  For those of you in the United States and elsewhere, there has already been news and documentary coverage…

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Thirteen Black Death skeletons found in London

Thirteen skeletons have been unearthed in the Farringdon area of London – believed to be victims of the fourteenth century Black Death. The terrible plague hit England in the period after the Knights Templar were disbanded and swept away entire…

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Plague – what exactly happened when the Black Death came to town?

Plague. The silent killer of the Middle Ages terrified people and rightly so. Medicine was rudimentary and in the face of a viral assassin like the Bubonic Plague – largely useless. Prayer was a common recourse but if you were…

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Medieval magic treatments for disease

In a programme for Channel 4 and National Geographic, presenter Tony Robinson has been investigating medieval superstitions and in one recent episode – he looked at disease.  Why did our ancestors believe illness was caused by demons, elves, sprites and…

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How the plague ravaged medieval London

You could spend a ghoulish holiday in London searching out its plague pits and forgotten cemeteries – if you wanted to. Good way to start would be to buy the book ‘Necropolis’ which is an excellent primer on where to…

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Season of the Witch – Nicholas Cage and the Templars

Just downloaded this as couldn’t bring myself to see it in the cinema after some pretty bad reviews.  So what do I think? Well, it starts with the trial of three witches on a bridge.  They are cast off said…

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