The Templar Knight


Lisbon conquered in the Crusades!

This is an astonishing story from the Middle Ages of how a vast crusader army on the way to the Holy Land was convinced to divert to Portugal and help a small Christian kingdom take a city called Al-Usbuna from…

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Spain and Portugal – battle between Islam and Christianity

Hard to believe that modern Spain and Portugal were once part of a global caliphate (from 711 CE) – ruled by Muslim emirs. It then became a battleground between Islam and Christianity for eight hundred years. Finally, by 1492, the…

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The Conquest of Jerusalem – a crusader war crime

The conquest of Jerusalem in the year 1099 was, by any standards, a war crime. Even those who wrote about it at the time were taken aback by the ferocity of the onslaught by Prince Tancred. The city’s Muslim, Jewish…

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