The Templar Knight


Me revealing Royal Family secrets!

Royal family secrets are always fun to divulge. The affairs, secret divorces, murderous intrigues and greed. For us Brits, the Royals have been a rich source of skullduggery and knavery for centuries. And long may it continue! Back in April…

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Roman helmets found at Knights Templar lair

A bizarre turn in the story of the gang in Mexico which unfortunately called itself the Knights Templar – or Caballeros Templarios.  Mexican police have just raided one of their safehouses and discovered one hundred and twenty Roman helmets –…

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Knights Templar spring up in Mexico

A gang in Mexico that calls itself the Knights Templar but actually just trades in narcotics and murders people senselessly

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Did the Templars bring cannabis to Europe via the Assassins?

The theory that the Knights Templar brought cannabis to Europe via their contact with the Assassins

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