Me revealing Royal Family secrets!

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Royal family secrets are always fun to divulge. The affairs, secret divorces, murderous intrigues and greed. For us Brits, the Royals have been a rich source of skullduggery and knavery for centuries. And long may it continue!

Back in April 2017, I filmed for a new TV series called Private Lives of the Monarchs investigating the salacious royal secrets of various kings and queens.

British Royal Family secrets!

The first episode airs in the UK on 20 November 2017 and will look at Queen Victoria featuring a private life that will surprise you. Who knew, for example, that the queen who claimed never to be amused might have been partial to the ‘white marching powder’. Some of you will know what I mean!

In Australia, where the series has already started to air on SBS, I believe they have kicked off with a very raunchy look at Charles II, known for good reason as The Merry Monarch. He took the reins of power after a decade when Britain became a republic in the seventeenth century. It had been all puritan dourness for a few years. Then along came Charles and bawdy naughtiness became the order of the day.

French Royal Family secrets!

Across the English channel, you had Louis XIV resident in Versailles. He was busy having way more affairs than even Charles II. And the latter’s libido was pretty stratospheric. But Louis just couldn’t keep his silk breeches up. And he forced his nobility to come and live with him in a vast gilded palace that stank to high heaven.

The series is presented by Tracy Borman – a highly respected author, historian and curator of the Royal Palaces. It’s an enjoyable watch – I think – and your feedback on my on screen performances would be hugely appreciated.

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