The Templar Knight


Watch me on “Private Lives of the Monarchs” – discussing royal secrets

Back in April 2017, I filmed for a new TV series called Private Lives of the Monarchs investigating the salacious royal secrets of various kings and queens. The first episode airs in the UK on 20 November 2017 and will look at…

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Ten best medieval TV series

Ten best TV series about the Knights Templar or the Middle Ages

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Epiphany – the three kings or Magi

Several days after Christmas – the day which marks the birth of Christ – comes the Epiphany signifying the arrival of the three wise men at the stable.  Known in England as ‘Twelfth Night’ when players called ‘mummers’ would perform. …

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Desposyni – the blood line of Jesus

Desposyni – the bloodline of Jesus explained

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