The Templar Knight


Friday 13th and the end of the Knights Templar

It’s one of those weeks again when a Friday the 13th occurs and our thoughts turn to the Knights Templar. So why is Friday the 13th so significant? On the morning of Friday the 13th October 1307, a huge dawn…

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Newark Castle – where Templar knights were imprisoned

I must confess to having known little to nothing about Newark Castle in Nottinghamshire until the announcement this month that it will be hosting an exhibition on the Knights Templar. Why an exhibition here? Well, several knights were imprisoned down…

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Did the Knights Templar worship Jesus as some kind of sun God?

Some believe the Templars came from a part of France with strong traditions of sun worship – and may have worshipped Jesus as a sun god.

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The grim scenes that led the Knights Templar to be formed

The Knights Templar were formed as a result of attacks on pilgrims coming into Jerusalem who were attacked on the roads by Saracens

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Battle of Montgisard – leper king anniversary

A look back at how the Knights Templar delivered a stunning victory at the battle of Montgisard

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