The Templar Knight


Castles with hidden Templar treasure

templar castle treasure

Tony McMahon investigates some Templar castles where the knights’ treasure may indeed be buried such as Tomar and Montsegur

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Friday 13th and the end of the Knights Templar

It’s one of those weeks again when a Friday the 13th occurs and our thoughts turn to the Knights Templar. So why is Friday the 13th so significant? On the morning of Friday the 13th October 1307, a huge dawn…

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Newark Castle – Knights Templar prison

Newark Castle saw many English Knights Templar imprisoned in its dungeons interrogated and tortured after the order was suppressed in 1307

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Smear campaign that led to the Templar downfall

Philip the Fair issued orders to arrest every Templar knight but what exactly were the charges and why did he take such action?

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Did the Knights Templar worship Jesus as some kind of sun God?

Some believe the Templars came from a part of France with strong traditions of sun worship – and may have worshipped Jesus as a sun god.

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Violence and murder created the Knights Templar

Templar expert Tony McMahon looks at the climate of violence and mayhem that led up to the formation of the Knights Templar in 1118

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Battle of Montgisard – leper king anniversary

A look back at how the Knights Templar delivered a stunning victory at the battle of Montgisard

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