The Templar Knight


Turcopoles – a Crusader’s best friend?

From the Roman empire onwards, armies have always vexed over how to get hold of the necessary manpower. This is particularly an acute problem when an empire is expanding far from home. Supply lines have always needed to be maintained…

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Aleppo – a great medieval city under threat

The civil war in Syria now threatens one of the historic gems of the Middle East that loomed large during the crusades. Aleppo was stormed many times by the Byzantines and the crusaders as they tried to eject the Saracens….

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Caperneum – the town where Jesus grew up – my visit

It’s spelt Capharnaum by the authorities in Israel but I always grew up knowing it as Caperneum – choose which you prefer!  But the ruins of the town where Jesus grew up is now preserved behind a wall and includes…

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The town where Jesus lived in Israel and the River Jordan

I thought this town was spelt Capurneum but it’s Capharnaum.  There are some ruins from the era of Christ but most of what you see is late Roman and was destroyed in an eighth century CE earthquake.  One of the…

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