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Al-Karak – crusader jewel in Jordan

The castle of Al-Karak in Jordan – الكرك – الأردن  – was visited by my good self in 2013. It is one of the great crusader forts still standing in the region. Unfortunately, three years after my visit, ISIS terrorists…

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The Turcopole – a Templar’s best friend?

A Turcopole was a lightly armed auxiliary recruited in the east by the Knights Templar to supplement their fighting ability in the Crusades

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Aleppo – a great medieval city under threat

The civil war in Syria now threatens one of the historic gems of the Middle East that loomed large during the crusades. Aleppo was stormed many times by the Byzantines and the crusaders as they tried to eject the Saracens….

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Caperneum – more pics from the hometown of Jesus!

It’s spelt Capharnaum by the authorities in Israel but I always grew up knowing it as Caperneum – choose which you prefer!  But the ruins of the town where Jesus grew up is now preserved behind a wall and includes…

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Capurneum – visit to the hometown of Jesus

The Templar Knight blog visited Capurneum – also known as Capharnaum – and discovered the hometown of Jesus later hit by the huge Galilee Earthquake of 749

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