The Templar Knight


A Muslim ruler and a Templar become blood brothers

Muslim Templar blood brothers

During the Crusades a Knight Templar and a Muslim sultan became blood brothers as Tony McMahon discovers a strong, unlikely friendship

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Evidence the Knights Templar got to America!

Templars in America

Templar Knight TV presented by Tony McMahon investigates claims that the Knights Templar reached America

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Five great novels on the Knights Templar

Five books that transport you back to the world of the Knights Templar – capturing the sense of time and place, bringing to life the mysteries and secrets. Which novels should you be taking on your summer holidays? Here’s some…

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Were the Knights Templar secretly part of the Cathar heresy?

The Knights Templar were accused of rejecting the divinity of Christ, spitting on the crucifix, not believing the church sacraments and conducting their own masses without a properly consecrated priest. They emerged in France in the 12th century at the…

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King Philip of France – liar, bully and spin doctor

King Philip of France was a liar, bully and spin doctor and he brought all these skills into play when taking down the Knights Templar

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Smear campaign that led to the Templar downfall

Philip the Fair issued orders to arrest every Templar knight but what exactly were the charges and why did he take such action?

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The Knights Templar versus the medieval chroniclers

The Knights Templar got a terrible write up from medieval chroniclers like Walter Map and William of Tyre

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San Gimignano – Templar church or not?

San Gimignano in the Italian region of Tuscany is famous for its medieval skyscrapers. Many of them have toppled to the ground over the years but the remaining towers are truly awesome. The town also boasts a Knight Templar church…

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Medieval Assassins – forerunners of ISIS?

Was the medieval cult of the Assassins a precursor to the 21st century terrorists of ISIS or Daesh?

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Temple church in London

Temple church in London has survived the destruction of the Knights Templar and bombing in the Second World War as Tony McMahon discovers

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