The Templar Knight


Sacred statues without hair and clothes

Catholic churches all over Europe are graced with sacred statues of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the many, many saints. But when these churches are closed or renovated, we see these statues in a whole new light. Shorn of their…

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Martim Moniz – Portuguese crusader hero – an interview with him…

Martim Moniz was a Portuguese crusader who fought with the first king of Portugal – Dom Afonso Henriques – when he conquered what was then the Islamic city of Al-Usbuna which would subsequently become the Christian capital of Portugal…Lisbon. Many…

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The dreamy Templar castle of Almourol

Here’s something for the new year – promise yourself a visit to this very dreamy Templar castle near Lisbon in Portugal.  I think this video conveys the mystery and magic of the place.

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