The Templar Knight


Sacred statues without hair and clothes

A discovery in Lisbon… This year, I was walking up a steep hill in Lisbon to visit the medieval cathedral. The cathedral is a very austere, fortress-like construction and that’s no accident. It was built in the years after a…

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Martim Moniz – Portuguese crusader hero – an interview with him…

Martim Moniz was a Portuguese crusader who fought with the first king of Portugal – Dom Afonso Henriques – when he conquered what was then the Islamic city of Al-Usbuna which would subsequently become the Christian capital of Portugal…Lisbon. Many…

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The dreamy Templar castle of Almourol

Here’s something for the new year – promise yourself a visit to this very dreamy Templar castle near Lisbon in Portugal.  I think this video conveys the mystery and magic of the place.

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