The Templar Knight


English churches transformed since the Knights Templar era

How English churches have radically transformed since the Knights Templar with the removal of rood screens and whitewashing of walls

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The medieval splendour of York

I spent a weekend in York recently and can’t recommend enough that you visit this northern English city that’s dripping with history.  Here are some images to whet your appetite!

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Does the Nativity story make any sense?

Tony McMahon investigates the inconsistencies in the Nativity Story that forms the basis of our traditional Christmas narrative

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Saint James – an apostle in Spain?

How Saint James became the patron saint of crusaders and his shrine at Santiago de Compostela

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The Bloodline of Jesus and the Knights Templar

It’s been argued repeatedly that the Knights Templar were set up to defend the Bloodline of Jesus but Tony McMahon sets out to uncover the truth

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Bizarre and unpleasant relics of saints!

There are some truly bizarre relics of saints from the Middle Ages and the Templars were fond of collecting them

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