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SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Cannibal horror in the Crusades?

A special investigation by the Templar Knight blog into medieval allegations that human meat was eaten by soldiers during the Crusades

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Jacob’s Ford – Templar massacre revisited

It was the turn of Channel Four in the UK to look at the Saracen massacre of Knights Templar at Jacob’s Ford in 1179 after this subject was visited by National Geographic earlier this year. The programme gave some interesting…

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Conquest of Jerusalem – a crusader war crime?

The conquest of Jerusalem by crusader armies in 1099 was a war crime. As Templar expert Tony McMahon shows, it led to a massacre of the population

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Inquisition hunts down Christian converts

Christian converts from Judaism and Islam may have hoped to avoid the Spanish Inquisition but the 1506 Lisbon massacre proved otherwise

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