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Ten most popular Templar blog posts – of all time!

This blog started way back in 2010 – and I’ve gone back and compiled the top ten most popular blog posts over the last eight years. There are some that are no longer top scoring on the views front –…

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The Battle of Hattin – from the Saracen point of view

The battle at the so-called Horns of Hattin was hugely important for the Crusades – to put it bluntly, it was a disaster for the Christian side. So, let’s summarise why this slaughter of a crusader army by the Saracens…

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Top Ten movies about the Middle Ages

The top ten movies about the Middle Ages – how Hollywood has depicted the medieval period.

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Battle of Hattin – a disaster for the Templars leading to the loss of Jerusalem

The Battle of Hattin was a disaster for the Knights Templar and would lead to the loss of Jerusalem

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Battle of Montgisard – leper king anniversary

A look back at how the Knights Templar delivered a stunning victory at the battle of Montgisard

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