The Templar Knight


Paris – the beating heart of the Knights Templar

At the time I wrote this blog post, there had been a Daesh inspired terrorist attack in Paris resulting in many deaths and injuries. On this very sad day, it’s worth remembering what a great historical city Paris is –…

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Last Templar Grand Master executed on March 18th

The year was 1314 and in front of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar was burnt at the stake in front of a huge crowd. After two hundred years of crusading,…

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Who was Jacques de Molay – last Templar Grand Master?

Everybody knows that Friday the 13th is unlucky because it was the day that Jacques de Molay and the last Knights Templar were rounded up and imprisoned by King Philip of France. De Molay would eventually be burnt to death…

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Templars’ Lost Treasure – on National Geographic

  What has happened to the treasure of the Templars? When French soldiers went to arrest the knights at the massive Temple in Paris in 1307 – they found no treasure. Legend has it that some Templars fled to England…

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Templars – moneylenders, but wasn’t that a sin?

Looking at how the Knights Templar developed an early banking system where money could be deposited

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Last French king imprisoned in Templar fortress

The Paris Temple ended up being the final prison for King Louis XVI before he was executed – an act often construed as the last vengeance of the Knights Templar

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