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3 Comments on “KNIGHTFALL: Join me here every week for instant reviews, chat and historical facts!

  1. Wow ! Thank you so much Tony ! I will so enjoy reading & watching all of this ASAP ! Knightfall airs here on this Wed. Can’t wait to see it ! I haven’t heard anything from History about my composition! Do you happen to know if they will contact me personally or just my PRO? Would be nice to hear some good news , if possible, from someone! I’m sure you can understand my excitement, but if that’s not the way you guys work, then i completely understand ! Just sharing my thoughts with you ! Again, Thank you so much! God Bless you all for the great work that you do ! I so much appreciate it as it involves my family’s legacy! i always want to know more!

  2. I pray that this will be a honest historical and factual series I have deep sincere admiration and respect for the Knights Templar. Including your work and research regarding a very important and honorable group of individuals known as the Knights Templar. With todays ever growing social challenges we could use seriously an updated empowered aggressive groups of Knights Templar today. Thank you Mr. McMahon I enjoyed your book, good read. God Bless.

    • William – thank you for your praise of the book and I hope you also enjoy the blog. I’m honoured to have you as a visitor here and please keep your comments coming! All the best, Tony McMahon

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